Robert Franciskovic

Wedding Photographer


A Moment that last forever

That is the moment when he sees you, you see him, and you speak with your eyes only. Joy and excitement everywhere, but at that particular moment, there is nobody else here except him, except you.
I see it coming, I notice it and click. Now you have that moment forever, preserved for eternity in a photograph. This is what weddings mean to me- a series of incredibly exceptional moments, big and small, loud and quiet- that's what I'm capable of capturing.
As a Croatian wedding photographer I love to travel and photograph weddings in Dubrovnik, Hvar, Vis, Istria and many other places.


A Unique Story

Always in search of pictures that will capture your unique story, I wait patiently amidst all the energy, all the rush, in search of those transient, precious moments which will really mean something to you.
The look of excitement on your face while you are getting ready. Your friends excited and laughing. Your parents wiping their tears, images of your childhood flashing before their eyes.
Your story is also unique and my work and my passion is to document that story as a destination wedding photographer


The Story Behind The Scenes

I'm Robert Frančišković, a wedding photographer situated in Zagreb, available anywhere in Croatia, from Dubrovnik to Hvar, vis and Istria. I come to your wedding with passion to document everything, to preserve it in a photo.
I'm a reporter. A storyteller.
I'm so blessed to have found this path in my life where I can be invited into people's lives to create a wonderful, meaningful collection of photos as a reminder of your wedding day.

About Me
Your Photographer

Your Photographer

I am a storyteller at heart, but I want your photos to be absolutely wonderful works of art, magazine-like quality that will look surprisingly good framed and hung on the walls of your home. If you like my work and you need a a wedding photographer, please leave your message under contacts...



Weddings, baptisms, birthdays ,special occasions. Any occasion that you think is important and worth remembering. Contact me and everything will be arranged according to your needs and wishes. I use only professional Canon photo equipment which ensures high resolution photos and a crystal clear picture...



The most interesting, useful information which can help you organize your perfect wedding- picking the right date for your wedding or the most popular ballads for the first wedding dance- and much more from my professional experience as a wedding photographer...