I photograph like a journalist. It is all about photos which aren’t staged but spontaneous. Their advantage in comparison with the traditional style is that they show emotions and the actual wedding atmosphere. That makes them a lot more interesting. Although such photos seem easier to make, that is not so.
A photographer, in this case, has to be focused and capture the most romantic, the most spontaneous and funniest moments of the wedding. At the same time he has to take care of many things, mostly how to stay unnoticed so that the photos can really be spontaneous.

I consider myself privileged to be able to capture those moments, such as they truly are- natural. Good mood, people feeling relaxed- it is important to me, as well as the speed of the shutter and STOP-of course, that’s important too. Except for a traditional group photo, I avoid interrupting the natural course of the day. Instead of that I react to fun and what’s going on at the moment no matter what it is. People usually look better if you allow them to be themselves without constantly telling them what to do.

I tell my story with my photos, the way I see your wedding day.